About us

EPIC is a culture and training engine
for intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship

We are here to transform by empowering Christian business leaders through personal growth, excellence at work, and connection to a community of world changers.

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    Transformation at work - Defined;

    Transformation is defined as; a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

    At EPIC at Work, we continually state: “We transform…”. We are transforming: leaders professionally and personally; nations and cities; business culture; the way leaders think; patterns of limitations. Through this transformation. we are standing by our commitment to see thorough and dramatic change in your cities and nations through the powerful collision of Kingdom and business. 

    our values

    What Makes us Different?

    Collision of kingdom
    and business.

    A collision occurs when we plug into heaven every step of the business journey. When Jesus is the CEO of your business–transformation happens. What role does EPIC play?
    EPIC’s proven framework is a conduit to bring transformation and a collision course with heaven.

    Make people’s
    priorities our own.

    The secret sauce of any organization is people. No secret here, being a servant leader not just with our EPIC team but everyone that EPIC reaches is essential. Serving and loving people is what drives our mission—relationships over transactions. At our core; we will always cultivate community.

    Deliver results
    with excellence.

    Helping bridge the gap in the human experience of heaven and earth. Doing business God's way comes with a different set of rules. Eradicating this world's conformity and processes is the beginning of activating Kingdom at work in a modern way, God's way.
    Bring the power of the Kingdom to our cities.

    Fight for good.

    No matter the challenge, big or small, good wins–undefeated now to eternity. The EPIC fight will always be to shape the futures of business leaders and partner with organizations that want to drive a kingdom impact on the world around us.

    Embrace failure.

    Where most run away from failure, we embrace failure. Why?You can't afford to run from failure. Failure should not be feared but instead welcomed as part of the process. Success in business is on the other side of failure.

    Never stop innovating.

    What gets us up every day? We are
    partnering with God in everything we do, which fuels our ability to be innovative and creative. We have access to heaven's resources, which is the start of unleashing endless innovation.

    how it works

    Our strategic framework is simple;
    Transforming, Activating and Connecting

    EPIC Equipping


    Challenging the way we think
    and breaking patterns of limitation.


    Discovering and learning how to apply our gifts for Kingdom purposes.


    Recognizing we can only achieve our God-given destiny with others.

    Jesus at your workplace

    The start of the greatest
    move of God this earth has ever seen.


    purpose of a business is to serve not to make profit


    total of christian business people globally


    of the worlds population work full time in 2021


    of a persons, life on average is spent at work​

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    You play a vital part in seeing change in your life, team, organization and community.


    We are grateful for our partners! They sustain our commitment to see Kingdom transformation for business leaders, companies, and cities across the world. Thank you for helping us drive this movement.