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We Need your Help

Our whole reason EPIC exists is to help lead transformation through the collision of Kingdom and business. However, we need people that have a burning desire to see God move in their city corporate atmosphere.

EPIC Event Volunteers.

Catalyze the movement by helping bring the EPIC conference alive on March 5th, 2022! Join the set-up, hospitality and take-down teams, lighting or sound? We would love to hear from you! This is a fun, exciting and practical way to join the movement, get to know people and build connection.

Launch EPIC Near You.

Our vision is to see cities transformed. We are looking for business leaders that are Kingdom minded that will help us take this vision to your city. Join our leadership development program designed to help you reach your God-given potential and equip you to lead transformation in your city.

A Few Other Ways to Serve.

As we continue to build community and spearhead transformation in our cities, you will have opportunities throughout the year to make an impact in your city. A couple of ways you can help; event management, marketing support, in-kind donations and printing.

We Need Your Help

EPIC at Work has a global vision to see cities transformed, business thrive and leaders reach their God-given destiny. However we know we can not achieve this mission alone, we need your help. We understand that volunteering is more than just offering your time, it is about being part of something greater than yourself. It is about bringing people together that have a burning desire to see God move in the corporate atmosphere and leaders being transformed to impact nations. 


  • Donors Engagement
  • Communication
  • Event Management
  • Marketing Support

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    Ways to help

    Are you looking to see God transform your city?

    Part of being Kingdom minded and focused means understanding that we function stronger together than on our own. Each of us has something powerful and unique to bring to the table. We would love to partner with you and see how we can help you transform your city. 

    • Social media management
    • Website management
    • Eventbrite management
    • Graphic design
    • Copywriting
    • Digital advertising
    • Event Coordinator
    • Event setup and/or tear-down
    • Greeting and Signing in guests at events
    • AV assistance
    • Photography
    • Videography
    • Engaging with potential partners
    • Engaging with former partners
    • Keep partners informed on the impact they are making
    • Administrative tasks: invoices and contracts
    • Help ensure that every partner receives promised deliverables
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      We are grateful for our partners! They sustain our commitment to see Kingdom transformation for business leaders, companies, and cities across the world. Thank you for helping us drive this movement.