Our Mission

It’s our mission to be a movement that catalyzes transformation by empowering Christian business leaders through personal growth, excellence at work and connection to a community of world changers.


Challenging the way you think and breaking patterns of limitation.


Discovering and learning how to apply your gifts for Kingdom purposes.


Recognizing you can only achieve your God-given destiny with others.
About us

Kingdom + Business

Our whole reason EPIC exists is to help lead transformation through the collision of Kingdom and businesses. Bridging the gaps in the seven mountains of influence; Family, Religion, Government, Business, Education, Arts and Entertainment, and Media is how we do it; but we can’t do it alone, please join us.

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    God is raising up a generation of business leaders to be catalysts for transformation.

    Epic at Work is a movement committed to bringing leaders together to achieve not only city-wide transformation but also national transformation!

    Our community of Practice operates through high-touch programs, robust content, and a global portfolio of redemptive business & nonprofit ventures. 

    Jesus reached the world through businesspeople​

    Businesses Play a Big Role


    purpose of a business is to serve not to make profit


    total of christian business people globally


    of the worlds population work full time in 2021


    of a persons, life on average is spent at work​


    Upcoming Events

    Interested in joining us at an upcoming event?

    EPIC Business Conference

    A Kingdom business conference for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

    EPIC Circles

    Join an EPIC Circle near you, connect with other thought leaders in your community.

    Monthly Gatherings

    Stay engaged with our monthly in-person and virtual meetings launching in 2022.

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      We are grateful for our partners! They sustain our commitment to see Kingdom transformation for business leaders, companies, and cities across the world. Thank you for helping us drive this movement.